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Khalid El Bargoni topping global charts with his new single

Khalid El Bargoni topping global charts with his new single

Ocak 22, 2022 06:19
Khalid El Bargoni topping global charts with his new single



Since his childhood he was interested in music. He was 14 years old when he comes to the music field. He joined several child music competitions where he attended to his first vocal classes. And the time travelled, he proceeded with a lot of hard work. He had a passion of music, he tried listening different songs and practicing them. Other than that he participated in different kind of auditions like voice of Turkey etc. In that time he was studying also, so it was difficult for him to manage all the things but he did not stop the hard work. And then in 2018, he finally entered into the music industry completely.

  • Adept Learning and Researching Skills

No one starts out knowing everything, which is why the ability to proficiently research and learn about new topics and concepts is such an important attribute for a successful director to have. Khalid El Bargoni has a good learning and researching skills by which he can produce a creative music video.

  • The Ability to Adapt and Adjust

Everything doesn’t always go as planned. In fact, most of the time, he can count on there being some deviation from the original blueprint, especially in the business world where there are so many variables to consider. He is able to adapt to changes in his industry and quickly make adjustments to operations if need be. Adversely, he is too stubborn to accept or facilitate change are usually the ones who face financial hardship in the long-term.

  • Creativity and Innovation

Sometimes Khalid El Bargoni thinks outside of the box and do something creative and unique. You know in music field, you have to think uniquely to create the new and best music video, and all these things come to your mind when you are creative.

Khalid El Bargoni has a YouTube channel, and he also manages all the social media platforms, Facebook & Instagram where people are connected with him.

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